With long summer days and wildlife active Spring is one of the best time to visits the Scottish Highlands – the hard part is knowing what of focus on! As a fervent lover of the high tops I find it hard not to head for the high tops in search of charming Dotterel. Often we come across Mountain Hare in their summer pelts as well as lots of Ptarmigan and the odd Snow Bunting. On our recent Scottish Highland Bird Photography Tours we were blessed with some great sunrises and to witness these in the majesty of the high plateau was something special.

It’s not just mountains that are on our radar. This is one of the best times for shooting owls with Short Eared Owl, Long Eared Owl ad Tawny Owl all conspicuous in recent weeks. The best place to look for owls has been out along the Laggan road where some days we have photographed all three species.

Well I’m off to Shetland for a few days and then onto the Outer Hebrides to hopefully photograph more owls and with luck hope to see some nice light again soon!

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