October 20, 2014
Images from Eagle Photography On Mull tour are copyright of ebirder clients Fiona Govan, Liz Wheelans, Peter Duncan and John Boyd.

A most enjoyable and productive trip

Peter Duncan

With the forecast looking promising we kicked off our fourth “Eagles Only” tour of Mull with some welcome drinks and a meal in the local hotel/restaurant/pub. I could tell from the start that this group were going to trouble! Tongue Out

Over our meals and a couple of drinks we discussed some of the techniques involved and best places to stand on the boat for getting the best Eagle shots and got to know each other. There was a great camaraderie between the group and we were off to a good start. Whilst, The aim of the weekend is White Tailed Eagle photography we had some spare time to look for some other wildlife and after a quick discussion we decided to head out for Otters after breakfast (yes after breakfast – this is like being on holiday!).

After around an hour on the shore we had little to show for our efforts until the guide expertly picked up on an Otter feeding on the shore. Okay so that’s not how it happened. Peter picked out an Otter no more than 20 yards away whilst the guide was regaling dull stories about the flora and fauna of Mull! A couple of record shots in the bag I decided to 4×4 onto the beach – there was no chance of getting out to get closer. The Otter stayed in position and enabled us to grab some shots. Not perfect by any means but a great bonus.

The very best of wildlife tours run with style and friendliness by Marcus Conway. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also came home with what I went for,some excellent shots. I also felt it was good value for money.

John Boyd

The Main Event – Eagle Photography On Mull
In all we witnessed nearly 20 Eagle dives from our time on the boat – 75% of these on our private charters. Everyone was certain with ten dives they would nail a shot.  The waters were calm, the light forgiving and we were set. Unfortunately by the time we arrived at the first site one of the party was green. The guide’s best intentions of offering an egg sandwich to ease the woe were not met favourable! However, when the Eagles arrived a recovery ensued and we were treated to the amazing spectacle of these colossal birds diving just meters from the boat.

Marcus as a guide was excellent, easy to get on with, informative, helpful and committed to us having the best experience throughout the tour which included taking each client’s needs into account

Fiona Govan

Conditions improved and over the next two days we witnessed a range of different dives in a range of conditions. The most exciting being a dive in a brief rain shower that was truly unique. The results speak for themselves. 

The company and banter over the weekend was great and it seemed like we had all known each other for years (or maybe it just felt like it!) when we sat down for a farewell and celebratory meal. The good times flowed and promises were made (and kept!). Thanks to Peter, Fiona, Liz and John for a fab few days that will take some beating!

Thanks Marcus for a good weekend on Mull photographing white tailed eagles. 

Liz Wheelans

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