Lying so far north, the Scottish Highlands in Winter can be a truly magical place – this is winter wildlife photography at its best. Arctic winds force birds and other wildlife to change their behaviour just to survive the unforgiving conditions.

Join us as we head out to selected sites to photograph the specialities of the region, including; Crested Tit, Snow Bunting, Red Deer, Red Grouse, Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare.

We will change our itinerary of the Winter Wildlife Photography Tour to maximise the light and species dependant on the prevailing conditions.

    • Our exclusive photography trips are for up to four photographers only
    • Award winning local guide with friendly and helpful outlook
    • Capture a variety of species in winter settings
    • We have proven success of getting images in a range of conditions
    • Staying at the marvellous Grant Arms Hotel (the UK’s wildlife hotel!)

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Typical Day One: Woodland feeding station and Red Deer photography

After breakfast we will visit a feeding station to photograph the woodlands birds and mammals in particular Crested Tit and Red Squirrel. With many lichen covered branches these charismatic birds can be photographed in their natural environment.After lunch we will head to a private estate to photograph Red Deer in a relict forest. Whilst these Red Deer – including royal stags – are wild, the scarcity of food in the winter brings these majestic animals very close to our photographic location. A range of lens can be used as the Stags will come down through the forest towards our location to feed.

Typical Day Two: Full day on Cairngorm (weather permitting!)
After a hearty breakfast we will head to the peaks searching for some of the true montane specialists of the region. Snow bunting search for food around accessible places and if the weather permits we will climb into the Cairngorms looking for Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare. Warm clothing is essential, but often when we find these specialists we can be rewarded with very confiding views.

Typical Day Three: Moorland and Mountain location
On day three we head out to winter moorland, loch and river valley sites as we target Highland species including Red Grouse and Mountain Hare. Male Red Grouse will use isolated boulders to announce their presence to females and ward off any challenging males. The area also holds Raven, Golden Eagle, Dipper and Mountain Goat, and we will use a 4×4 to take us to the best locations for photography. We will spend time learning fieldcraft as we try to approach Mountain Hare as they shelter in their ‘forms’. This again can be a challenging but exciting day in the field. On our way back to base we will try any remaining favourite locations before saying our goodbyes.
Please note the itinerary is subject to change as we maximize the opportunities afforded by the weather

Come and join our bird and wildlife photography tour of the Highlands.