Ptarmigan are without doubt our favourite subjects and we have enjoyed taking clients into the hills over several years. The climb itself can be spectacular and if we find Ptarmigan they can often be very rewarding and it can be possible to spend several hours in the company of these superb birds.  A day spent on the Cairngorms is often truly unforgettable as we search for these specialist species of the high mountains. In winter, the Ptarmigan becomes totally white except for its tail and eye-patch. The highest mountains of the Highlands of Scotland are its only UK breeding ground. With temperatures equivalent to the Arctic you will get to experience these remarkable creatures in their natural environment and enjoy spending time photographing them along with other mountain species such as Mountain Hare and Snow Bunting. At other times of the year the Ptarmigan can be viewed in different plumages. 
Species: Ptarmigan, Red Grouse, Snow Bunting

One to one = £200
One to two = £250
One to three or four = £300

Dates: Ptarmigan and Red Grouse (all year), Snow Bunting (Jan – Mar)
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