Red Grouse are one of the most charismatic birds that can be photographed in the Scottish Highlands. Several sites provide easy access and a range of possibilities to obtain a variety of images. March is a great time to photograph Grouse as the males can be particularly feisty, as well as summer when the young Grouse are fledging and the Heather starts to bloom. In recent years we have also found a good area to photograph Grouse in flight.

Given the location of the Grouse they can easily be combined with a range of other species such as;

Mountain Hare, Dipper, Brown Hare: all year
Redstart, Tree Pipit, Wheatear, Golden Plover: spring/summer
Red Deer and Roe Deer: autumn (generally not the best time)

Species: Red Grouse, Golden Plover

One to one = £200
One to two = £250
One to three or four = £300

Dates: All year
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