Second in Scottish Nature Photography Award. Happy days!

“Every year I spend May and June on Scotland’s remotest islands observing Short Eared Owls. They are very addictive. Over the days and weeks it is possible to get to know individual owl families such s this mother who distinctively only has one eye. In spite of this obvious disadvantage she has raised chicks in three consecutive, apparently without the help of another adult bird. Photographing a food pass between adult and chick is difficult. Once the chicks are at the size they are mobile and can move up to a mile each day. Finding them, let alone photographing them, is a real challenge. After 8 days without a sighting one morning we came across this fledged owl chick sat near to the road. After a short time the adult appeared with a vole and this marvellous food exchange occurred right before our eyes. Well fed the young owl disappeared into the long grass and was never seen again, presumably the last free meal from mum for this successful owl family.”

I’m delighted to be awarded second in this years Scottish Nature Photography Awards! (Scottish Wildlife Behaviour Category).