February 09, 2015

Well we are are now half way through February and having guided over 20 people on our Wildlife Photography Holidays in Scotland and Guided Photography Days we are having some great results.

Of course we have been photographing Mountain Hare, Crested Tits, Red Deer, Red Squirrels and Red Grouse, but the highlight for me so far has been the amazing Ptarmigan. The key to the great Ptarmigan photography this winter has been how low down they are on the hill (after the early snows in Feb that is!). Just 20 minutes or so of walking from the car park level and you are seeing the first Ptarmigan. This means you have much more time to photograph them in a range of habitats and doing lots of interesting stuff.

With the snow now melting I can only think things will be a little harder from here on in, but with longer days ahead things are feeling great!

If you want to find out more about the best ways to photograph Ptarmigan check out this guide.